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Bhik Kotecha, Great Britain

How did you get involved in OSA field? 

I was trained by Charles Croft in UK who pioneered DISE (Croft & Pringle). he was my inspiration.

How is this work in conjunction with your speciality training? 

It was relatively new sub-speciality when I first started 25 years ago but currently forms an established and an important aspect of Otolaryngology.

How do you see ideal collaboration between doctors of surgical and non-surgical specialities?

This is absolutely crucial as Sleep Medicine is multi-disciplinary and requires input from all different disciplines such as Respiratory Medicine, Maxillo-facial surgery, Orthodontist, neurologist and of course Otolaryngology.

What kind of problems you encounter at your practice? 

In the NHS problems with funding for treatment, and therefore availability of treatment facilities may become restricted or limited and more patients will need to seek private treatment options.

How do you see OSA diagnostic and treatment in the future?

Progressing rapidly with enhanced technology – Phone Apps will become popular and Robotics and Nerve implants will become commonplace.

Can you name an article or two that you have read in the last year and you think have influenced understanding/diagnostics/treatment of OSA? 

European paper on DISE by DeVito et al and Paper by Eckert on Phenotypes.

Bhik Kotecha, MD
ENT specialist, Clinical Prof.

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