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Glossoepiglottopexy – swallowing problem

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    Matej DelakordaMatej Delakorda

    47 yo man with BMI 22 and moderate OSA (REI 20/h) was operated for lingual tonsills hypertrophy in the past (coblator tongue base reduction). After that symptoms have persisted (sleepiness, headaches, problems concetrating). He tried CPAP but it didn’t stabilize upper airway. DISE showed floppy epiglottis so we have decided to do glossoepiglottopexy (sec. Roustan&Barbieri) – after RF deepitelization we have introduced a stitch horizontally, above the level of hyoid bone. Immediately after the operation he has felt a big discomfort and couldn’t swallow even after opioid analgetics. We have done a second procedure two days after. This time we have put the stitch approx. 5mm lower, closer to valeculae and tight it more loose. The pain and discomfort were not so intensive but swallowing problems persisted to a lesser degree. 3 days after that he felt a snap in the neck while drinking and the stitch from the outside was now very loose. Endoscopy showed it has cut through the epiglottis.

    We have never encountered such problems. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    I am relative beginer in OSA but 30 years experience in laryngeal surgery. Could epiglotectomy help?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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