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Nico de Vries, The Netherlands

How did you get involved in OSA field?

This was not planned at all. If someone would have told me 25 year ago where I will be today, I would not believe it. When I moved from the University to my present practice in a non academic training hospital I was working in head and neck oncology and rhinology. But there was a growing need for diagnosis and treatment of OSA, the number of referrals gradually grew, and because of my background in soft tissue surgery in the neck, I might have been less afraid to perform OSA surgeries than the average ENT specialist. Suddenly I was an OSA expert! Having said this, I am now very happy with me present field of expertise. It has been very rewarding and it has given me great satisfaction.

How is this work in conjunction with your speciality training?

After standard ENT training, I would strongly recommend European Sleep Exam, and visits to leading centers.

How do you see ideal collaboration between doctors of surgical and non-surgical specialities?

Multidisciplinary meetings are a conditio sine qua non, as in head and neck oncology.

What kind of problems you encounter at your practice?

Capacity problems with ever growing numbers of referrals.

How do you see OSA diagnostic and treatment in the future?

This might evolve into a separate specialty.

Can you name an article or two that you have read in the last year and you think have influenced understanding/diagnostics/treatment of OSA?

May I be so bold as to recommend our recent book “Current concepts in sleep apnea surgery” edited by Thomas Verse and Nico de Vries.

prof. Nico de Vries, MD, PhD
ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon

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