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Privacy Policy

At the company PRIMA komunikacije d.o.o., we are committed to honouring your privacy and to care for the security of your personal information.

We obtain your personal information while you are using the website https://www.osa-academy.org and its functionalities – when you fill out the OSA Course or OSA webinar registration form or subscribe to the e-newsletter. We also collect the data on your use of our website with cookies and similar technologies.

We protect your data in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”).

Information about the personal data PROCESSOR:
Prima komunikacije d.o.o.
Stritarjeva 22, 3000 Celje
Registration number: 3890830000
VAT and tax ID number: SI86634143
E-mail: info@osa-academy.org
Website: https://www.osa-academy.org

We collect the following data: name, address, phone number, email, medical specialty.

Why do we collect data?

• news updates
• notifications about events and other activities of “OSA Webinar Series”
• provision of services we offer on the facebook page; LinkedIn
• improving information
• implementation of segmentation
• statistical data processing

Personal information (information about individuals) is processed in compliance with the valid provisions on personal data protection. This means that personal information is only processed if there are legal grounds for such processing and if this is in compliance with the law; moreover, personal information shall only be processed for the purposes for which such information was obtained.

As a matter of principle, personal information is not submitted to any third party. Information is only submitted to a third party when this is necessary for fulfilling a contract, if there are legal grounds for it, or if an individual expressly and voluntarily submits consent for submitting the personal information to a third party.

Express and active consent and acceptance of the terms and conditions of use, and provisions on personal data protection, are required in order to subscribe to the newsletter. Personal data controller is the company to which the individual subscribing to the newsletter submitted their personal information upon such subscription. When an individual subscribes to the newsletter, we immediately send to such new subscriber an electronic mail message with a request to confirm the contact address. After such confirmation, the information is included into the email marketing service and it is henceforth processed.

An individual who is subscribed to the newsletter can click the “unsubscribe” button in each newsletter message to unsubscribe from the newsletter. The newsletter is distributed in compliance with Article 28 of the GDPR. Information is processed until the individual revokes their consent.

The individual shall have the right to receive upon request, free of charge, the information about the personal information/data that we process. Moreover, the individual shall have the right to corrections of incorrect data, to restrict the processing of information, and to deletion of their personal information (in compliance with the relevant regulations), as well as the right to complain with the relevant supervisory body (Information Commissioner). When the individual revokes their consent, such revocation shall only have prospective effect. The individual may contact the data PROCESSOR with regard to the provisions specified above.

The webinar organizer has the exclusive right to make an audio-visual recording in respect of all lectures. The organizer making the recording has a copyright over that recording and will publish it on-line for educational purposes.